discontent #5. Fall 1997

The confessional issue






religious observances letters of John Keats
The Bell Jar stuff in Britain
Lolita George Emerson
cicada noises Tomasita’s, Santa Fe, NM
"Zefiro torna" the seaside
Disco dancing sushi
"Dangerous Liaisons" B-Boy Bouillabaisse
cypress trees Mr. & Mrs. Spikky Sparrow
sangria in the afternoon on the patio cocoa & animals
"How to Get Ahead in Advertising" Pearl Fishers duet
lavendar or lilac or heather nail varnish bicycling
enough magazines for the whole plane trip   mice
Jacopo the white butterfly righteous babes
London Fields Celtic beasts
the merengue Tristram Shandy
Batherapy small dresses
chocolate almond croissants sleep & procrastination
meze personal mail
shrimp har gow smell of sun on flagstones
  "Whip It" Benny Goodman
first year university "Fogarty’s Cove"
tenting the opera
  exhaustion The Dinner Party
Hieronymos Bosch Jack Donne
The Quantity Theory of Insanity garlic
Rodin museum silver
Fort S. Andre my glowing pumpkin
  Sam Shepard boys in beads
long distance calls Vernaccia di San Gimignano
shopping Donald Barthelme
  cappuccino   little bunnies
"Mirror in the Bathroom" the French word "amphitryon"
  Jughead haggis
our gazogene myth of Semele
story of Epaminandas biting
  Tim Roth roses
Robert Carlyle pretending to be rich in NYC
Gertrude Stein & Alice B. Toklas Yixing teapot
  Fiesole Beethoven piano sonatas
Fred Astaire Ella Fitzgerald
  "It’s a Gift" "Annie Hall"
  gold leaf mud masques
"The New Yorker" Marilyn Monroe
nasturtiums arm-wrestling
grapes Russian meat pies
the Rouen cathedrals "I’m working on a novel"