discontent #1. Winter 1996







If you haven’t read "High Fidelity," by Nick Hornby, you oughtta. It’s exactly the sort of book I’d started to despair of finding: true, interesting, including allusions to "Cheers" episodes which will only be understood by the right sort of people.... The main character, Rob, habitually makes Top 5 lists, an activity which long ago helped me get through Math class and therefore which I approve. As a testament to Rob and the tradition of the Top 5 list, I’ve decided to name this page after him and devote it to my own Top 5s. This issue: 5 things that make my discontent bearable.


1. The fact that Kelly on 90210 is now a coke-head.

2. Lines from the Elastica album:

"too much TV and curry" (so Keith Talent)

"I know I should drink less/ & I don’t want to hear how time flies."

3. If you send the Beastie Boys money for their magazine, "Grand Royal," they will, unsolicited, send you bitching bumper stickers. (Grand Royal, PO Box 26689, LA, CA 90026)


4. Words & phrases for being crazy:



    "out of his tree,"

    "mad as a hatter,"


    "one enchilada short of a combination plate,"


5. "Rameau’s Niece" by Cathleen Schine. Novel I just read. It’s amusing.